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Fijian Soccer League into its 4th week of league games this weekend.

May 26th, 2019: The Fijian Soccer Leagues week 4 league games will resume this weekend at the Bear Creek Park and North Surrey Secondary School field. As usual, Bear Creek Park will feature youth games followed by an exciting Masters 35 game in the afternoon between Ba and Nadi at 2.00pm. Both teams have veterans with experience and young players. Currently, on the score standing, Nadi is on the lead with nine points and Ba is reeling behind with six but a game short.

Other games of the day will be as follows;

Bear Creek Park:

2pm…..Ba vs Nadi and at 3.45pm Civic Old Boys vs Viti Boys

North Surrey Secondary School Field:

9.30am……..Nadro vs Lautoka (45 Div)

11.15am…..Labasa vs Tavua (45 Div)

1.00pm……Lautoka vs Samabula (35 Div)

3.00pm……Rewa vs Flying Arrows.

July 19th-21stt ,2014 @ Boyd Park in Ricmond.The 35th Annual Nations cup of British Columbia was dominated by the Fijians in the masters division last weekend.
Only four years into the Nations cup tournament, and coming close to winning the 2012 Final. At last, Fiji Masters 45 won the 35th Annual Nations cup in the 45 division yesterday afternoon by defeating Ireland 2-0 at the Boyd Park field in Richmond. An early goal within a minute of the Kick off, striker PetreanPetru opened the account for Fiji side in a surprising move when he beat an Ireland defender on the right, and only to place the ball neatly behind the net. The second goal came within a 10mins from the first one when the right midfielder Paul Nair unleashed one blazing outside the eighteen yard to give Fiji a 2-0 lead. Despite constant pressure form the Irish side, Fiji goalkeeper Imdad Ali (Samu), made some impressive saves in the 42nd, 54th and 59th minute denying Irish side any opportunity to score a single goal. They reached to the final stage after a draw with team China 1-1 in their opening round and a win in the second against team England 2-1, and a final win in their pool game against Scotland 1-0 . Masters 45 Squad:Imdad Ali(Samu), Naushad Khan, Shokat Khan, Subarmani Reddy, Rakesh Singh, Abdul Rasheed, Richard Charan, Paul Nair, Moon Reddy, Bobby Singh, Izzaz Mohammed, PetreanPetru, Nigel Fisher and Brennan Garett, and Hertmandez Jaime Team Coach and Manager- Shaukat Ali (Karavi) and Amzad Saheb Fiji Masters 38 also reached the final for the first time in five years. They won their opening round match against Germany 3-2, a second win against Africa 3-2 and a draw with Italy 3-3. With seven points on hand, they advanced to the semi-final, and after beating Romania 2-1, a goal each from Mukhtar Ganif and Jas Singh. The final stage was set against team India in a packed Arena. India scored one within18mins of the start. The second half gave Fiji an opportunity to capitalize after striker Mukhtar was brought down in the eighteen yard. Midfielder Jas Singh took the penalty kick but only to hit on the far right side of the post. India scored another goal on the 53rd min mark denying Fiji team to win the 2014 Masters 38 Nations cup Final. Final score Fiji 0 India 2. Master 38 Squad: Afroz Ali, Ronald Cahaudhry, Edwin Rudh,Kartik Kumar, Sashi Singh, Jass Singh, Imtiaz Khan, PremNaicker, Patrick Krishna, Parmod Chauhan, Sunny Ali, Sid Fong, Rakesh Naidu, Mukhtar Ganif, Ivor Evans, Sai Mishra, Daniel Silva, Ismail Arshad Team Coach: Vijay Singh (Bijju), Team Manager: Nazim Khan Premier Fiji side Ivor Evans coached Fiji All-Star side could not advance to the next stage after conceding 2 losses against team Iran and team India in their pool game. Defeating England 2-0 in their opening round, was not enough to advance to the semis. However, Fiji team with a very young talent, looks very promising for the next years Nations Cup. Squad:Chris Singh, Junaid Rasheed, Sammy Sagar, Riyad Rasheed, Kamlesh Krishna(Bablu), Rylan Sangha, Dylan Jordan, Javid Khan, San Dalton, RaaqimAmijee, Nicholas Naidu, Ivor Evans Jr, Asif Ismail, Ahmed Bhamji, Ahmad Idrees, Severn Chand, Justin Singh, Tristan Dayal, Akash Rattan, Ryan Lal, Pawan Singh, Ryan Chandra and Bradley Lal. Team Coach: Ivor Evans, Assistant Caoch:Muazzzam Ali, Team Manager: Praveen Adrakar The Nations cup is recognized by players and spectators alike as one of the foremost amateur men’s and women’s soccer tournament in Western Canada. The unique concept of grouping players based on the ethnic background and/or countries of origin creates an exciting atmosphere that provides a platform for people throughout the community to express their ethnic pride.
Tanoa FC for the third time and Navua Masters for the first time added their name to the Fijian Soccer League’s Knockout Championship Trophy. May 24th& 25th, 2014 , Surrey
Despite having unfavourable weather conditions throughout the weekend, local Soccer fans turned out in numbers to watch the Fijian Soccer Leagues fifteenth Annual Knockout championship at the Newton Athletic Park in Surrey. In which, eighteen teams in two divisions- Premier and Masters participated to challenge for the 2014 Knockabout Championship. In the premier division- Fiji Saints beat Flying Arrows in its opening first round of pool A. In pool B, defending champion Tanoa progressed the tournament on a decent note, beating Naita in their opening game. Masters division- Entailed with three pools, the game opener between defending champion Nadi and Tavua drew many spectators. Star studded Nadi with the likes of former Fiji team squad members had a challenging run against Tavua. The game ended-up Nadi beating Tavua 1-0. The most remarkable preliminary round game of the day was the last Masters match between Nadi and Naitasiri. In spite of Naitasiri putting up a fierce battle against Jetsetters, they went down 3-0 in the preliminary round merely given an opportunity to attest otherwise in the Quarterfinal. Nadi drawn as 2nd and Naitasiri as 7th on the QF standing, both teams were ready to battle again within an hour to book a spot in the semi-final for Sunday. Naitasiri, this time with much organized team forced Nadi to the penalty shootout after 1 all draw in the regulation time. Nadi triumphed at the end of the shootout. Nadi qualified for the semi-final against Ba after beating Naitasiri in the QF, and Navua qualified after they thrashed Nasinu 5-0 in the QF. Premier Semifinals: Spectators braved heavy rainfall to watch two of the thrilling Premier Semi-final match, in the first semi-final. Tanoa faced Combine FC, and won the match by a thrashing goal 4-0. In the second Semi-final, Civic beat Flagstaff 1-0 and headed for the 2014 Knockout Championship Final in six years. Masters Semifinals: Navua finishing offon top of their group, sent 2013 IDC champion Nadro home with a crushing victory of 4-0 to qualify for the second time in the final. In 2012, Navua lost to Delta Tigers in the final by 2-0. In the second semi-final between Nadi and Ba, Ba went down but not until after putting up a fierce fight against Jetsetters in which Men in Black were taken out with a penalty shootout. The stage was set for the Masters final between defending Champion- Nadi and Navua. A replication of the 2013 semi-final and Masters Nemesis. Tofiq Khan led Navua Masters with a clean sheet of win in their last four games, and Ivor Evans led Nadi Masters with a tough road to the final with much exhausted players reached for the much anticipated game-“2014Masters Cup Final”. Nadi took an early lead and surprised everyone when Veteran Nadi player Subarmani Reddy (Baba) pounced on a cross from the right after a deflection from the Navua’s goalkeeper Alfred Meeraiya. Navuan’s answered one right back within fifteen minutes when their Centre Midfielder Parmod Chauhan shook the net after a rebound from the Nadi goalkeeper Bobby Izzaz who took a hefty shot earlier from midfielder Tofiq Khan, levelling the score 1-1. In the second spell. Frustration and tiredness hoarded within the Nadi Players resulting in two red cards. Despite two players down most of the time in the second spell, Jetsetters forced Navuan’s s to the penalty shootout. A clean five shots by Navua players in the net, and a baffling stop by irregular goalkeeper Sunny Ali for Navua’s side lead the team to hoist the Fijian Soccer Leagues 2014 Masters Knockout Championship Cup for the first time since the formation of the team in 2005. The Golden Boot was awarded to Prem Naicker from Navua and Mr Sid Fong from Navua was the recipient of the most prestigious award-MVP of the tournament. Premier Final: Civic Fc played their last Knockout final in 2008, in which they qualified after beating Babasiqa Lions in the QF and Fiji Saints in the Semifinals. Nonetheless, lost badly in the Final against Surrey Eagles. Now, after six years they stood against defending Champion- Mighty Tanoa Fc in the final. A team which showed much improvement in its standard after 2011 Championship, winning Knockout Championship twice in the last ten years. An even play between both the teams came to an end in the 25 Minutes mark. Just before the half time, when Civic Centreback Terry Oujla back passed the ball to his sweeper and was swiftly intercepted by the Tanoa Striker Milad Rehmati, who beat the sweeper on the right and looked on the far left corner and placed the ball behind the net out of the reach of goalkeeper Mohammed Zahid, giving lead to his side by one goal before the first half. The second half proverb some momentum pressure form Civic, producing some dangerous counterattacks. It wasn’t enough to penetrate the Tanoa defence line. Just as the game appeared on the brink of being decided by penalty kicks In the dying minute, Tanoa taking advantage of most of the Civic players caught in the Tanoa territory. Striker Milad Rehmati once again took a great stride and broke free for the winner to collect a passing ball from winger Robert Giezen, then passing on the side to Pavan Singh, who well controlled the ball and then unleashed a blazing outside the eighteen yard box as Civic goalkeeper stood immobile, giving his side a 2-0 lead and secured the Fifteenth Premier Knockout Championship for the third time. The 2-0 victory for Tanoa FC summed up everything about the mercurial striker Milad Rehmati-hugely talented and high volatile who also won the tournaments Golden Boot award. The tournament’s Most Valuable Player award went to KamleshwaranKrishna (Bablu) Tanaoa Fc squad- Chris Singh, Zainal Buksh, Sy Mishra, Darren Narayan, Mike Gomes, Anesh Jagdatt, Reynold Lakhan, KamleshwaranKrishna (Bablu), Ryan Lal, Ryan Chandra, Pavan Singh, Milad Rahmati, Robert Giezen, Kyle Prakash, Cody Chand, Michael Kumar and Dylan Jordan . Team President: Mr Sy MishraTeam Manager: Mr Praveen Adhakar Team Coach: No Coach Civic Fc Squad: Zaid Mohammed, Harjot Mundi, Avnil Deo, Brandon Nair, Scott Stefanek, Neil Chand, Mandeep Sara, Shanil Kumar, Tony Prasad, Terry Oujla, Kalen Singh, Ashneel Goundar, Reggie Sidal, Nittin Naidu, Shaneel Chetty, Akash Deo, Akash Rattan, Kris Chandran and Ritesh Prasad Navua Masters squad: Alfie Meeraiya, Pramod Chauhan, Alvin Anand Munian, Patrick Mohammed, Jan Ali, Arshad Ismail, Shan Ali, Tofiq Khan, Alvin Prasad, Prem Naicker, Ritesh Mishra, Sid Fong, Geroge Lapa, Jas Singh, Sanjesh Kumar, Shakeel Shahib, Vinesh Kumar, Faiyaz Ali, Silpesh Chauhan and Hemant Kumar. Team President: Mr Sonny NandTeam Manager: Satendra Ram Coach: Parmod Chauhan Team Nadi Squad: Izzaz Mohammed(Bobby), Shaheeb Khan, Ilshad Ali, Feroz Abdul, Subramani Reddy, Sundresan Manoj, Don Shaheem, Ivor Evans, Afroz Khan, Ablesh Singh, Ganief Mukhtar, Mohammed Imtiaz, Mun Reddy, Vijay Singh, Amanjit Singh, Mohammed Faizal, Ronald Chaudhry, Kartik Kumar and Intihaz ALI. Team President: Mohammed Faizal Team Manager: Mohammed Naushad Coach: Ivor Evans
2014 Knockout Championship Article-May 24th&25th @ Newton Athletic Park.
2014 Knockout Championship-This weekend marks (May 24th and 25th) the fifteenth Annual Historical Knockout tournament since the formation of Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver (FSLGV) in 1999. Eighteen teams affiliated with the league will descend at the Newton Athletic Park in Surrey for a two day tournament. The tournament will feature two divisions-Premier and Masters over 35. Knockout tournament is slated as one of the biggest Fijian Soccer tournament outside of Fiji. The teams participating in this tournament are mainly associated with the regular summer Soccer league played on Sundays, which starts in April and played all the way into August. This Annual tournament provides opportunities to the teams to compete twice for the most part with each other in different groups, however, at a much greater level and with much enthusiasm. In the premier division- Defending champion Tanoa Fc has been drawn in Pool B along with the 2013 runner-up Naita SC and Civic Fc. Tanoa Fc takes on Naita SC in their opening game at 9.00am on field #6 followed by the second pool game against Civic Fc at 2.00pm. The other tournament favourites, Fiji Saints, has been drawn in Pool A along with Flying Arrows, Flagstaff and 2012 Knockout Champion Combine FC. In the premier division,two top team from each group qualifies for the Semifinals, which will be held next day on Sunday at field # 1. In the Masters division- The defending Champion Nadi will host Tavua Masters in their opening game at 9.00am in Pool B, followed by a foreseeable crucial game when Nadi meets Naitasiri at 2.00pm. Defending league champion Navua has been drawn along with Rewa, Labasa and Lautoka in Pool A. At the end of the preliminary round, eight teams from the Masters division will qualify for the Quarterfinal to be played on the same day (Saturday) at 4.15pm. All semifinals and finals for both divisions will be played on Sunday on field # 1 starting at 8.30am with the Masters semifinals, followed by the Premier Semifinals at 11.00am. The master’s final will kick off at 1.30pm, followed immediately by Premier Grand finale at 3.00pm. There is a sitting capacity of 500 people in this mini stadium, which allows fans and spectators to sit comfortably and watch their favorite teams in action. Together with thrilling Soccer, food stalls set on the site will provide delicious Halal Chicken Palau with chutney and other snacks like samosas and cakes at a very reasonable price. Teams intend to pre order the food, please contact us via email. The weather forecast is calling for a fine weekend with cloudy patches throughout the day with sun break once in a while. A perfect soccer weather to watch and play. So come out and enjoy the sporting atmosphere together with the touch of food and music.
Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver (FSLGV)Kicks off its Fifteenth Annual Soccer League season in style:
As the summer is looming over British Columbia in Canada, Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver (FSLGV) and its affiliated teams are gearing up in preparation for another long summer soccer league showdown. The stage has been set at two locations in Surrey’s popular Bear Creek Park where eighteen teams registered with the league in two divisions will participate in one round of league game starting at the end of April and all the way into late August. At the end, when all be said and done, one team from each division will be crowned as the fifteenth annual FSLGV league champion. The League’s acting President, Mr Nadraj Nair said, “all preparations have been done, stage has been set for the play and schedules have been posted on the leagues website encouraging people to come out and enjoy Sunday Soccer, just like back home” Defending master’s league champion, Pro-Rooter Navua will kick off its season when they meet Labasa in their season opener game at the Bear Creek Park Oval. Team President, Mr Satendra Ram said, “Navua will defend its title vigorously and I am confident thetalented players we have from last year and with the inclusion of few young guns this year, we willdefinitely triumph at the end of the season” In the Premier division, defending champion Fijianawho came out with a clean winning slate of 9-0-0 in the last season, a record rarely attained previously by any other team, will miss all the actions this year as they came short of registering at the leagues deadline. Meanwhile, FSLGV’S defending Knockout championand 2013 League runner-up Tanoa Fc, have heightenedtheir midfield and backline area with some additional youth players for the season. 2012 Knockout champion, Combine FC boss, Mr Mohammed Jannif (Stopper) said, “we are very excited and looking forward to another soccer season, boys are ready totake on any team in the league and with few additional players like Sahil Sandhu, Naveet and Mo, I am optimistic that we will come out as the frontrunner inthe 2014 League”. FSLGV which is the only integrated men’s summer soccer league in the lower mainland started in 1999,running a successful summer soccer league together with two major tournaments- Knockout championship and Fiji’s historical IDC tournament. This year’s IDC tournament will be held in August in concurrence with the Fiji day Festival. Mr Nair, the Association’s acting President said, the reason we have amalgamated IDC tournament with the Fiji Festival is to create an exciting atmosphere for the families to spend a daytogether and get more familiar with the fellow Fijians in our community.
2013 Knockout Championship Article-May 25th&26th @ Newton Athletic Park.
The popularity of Fijian Soccer League’s Annual Knockout tournament this year attracted many at the Newton Athletic Park in Surrey on May 25th& 26th wherethe battle and survival for the toughest teams are tested. At the end, only one team stands tall amongst the rest. Twenty four teams participated in two divisions-Masters and Premier, with top two pool winners in each of the four Masters groups advanced to the Quarter final, and eight top seeding in three groups advanced to the quarter final in the premier division, hence, eliminating two teams in the premier after the initial round. Premier division: After losing its opening game to Fiji Saints 3-4 in the preliminary round, Tanoa FC came back and whipped Babasiqa Lions 5-1, only with enough 3 points to wheeze air to survivesitting at the bottom of the table. In the quarter final-Tanoafaced Fiji Saints,and at the end of the 60thminute mark, Tanoa beat Saints 2-0 to qualify for the Semis to face more challenging star studded side Fijiana Fc. The pace of the game was witnessed more as a final face-off. The 3-2 shootout win over Fijiana was enough to send Tanoa to the final against Naita. Naita SClost both of its preliminary round matches to Flying Arrows and Combine each, sitting as an underdog with 0 points, they faced their toughest opponent, defending champion Combine Fc in the Quarterfinal. With the help of their talented star Hugo, Naita thrashed Combine Fc 4-0 sending tournaments favourite homeearlier. The vast margin win in the QF was evident that Naita was unstoppable. After beating another tournament favourite Flagstaff in the semis, they were ready to take on dominant Tanoa Fc in the final. However, the final showdown play was more in support of Tanoa. One goal each from Rizal Ganief and Robert Gizel was enough to securethe win forTanoa as the Fijian Soccer Leagues 2013 Knockout Champion. Nonetheless, the steps and rise of Naita to the final in the 2013 tournament was construed and seen as startling. Team Tanoa- Chris Singh, Cody Chand, Jonathan Joe, Riggs Kumar, Darren Sangra, Shane Suranna, Darren Narayan, Ryan Lal, Rizal Ganief, Jr Ivor Evans, Ryan Lakhan, Jas Singh, Rob Gizel, Ryan Chandra, Shiva Nair, Avi Reddy, Kamlesh Krishna, Sai Mishra, Ajay Raman, Brandon Campbell and MiladRehmati. Team President: Sai Mishra. Team Manager: Parveen Adhakar Team reps: Aten Narayan and Chandra Team Naita Sc: Hugo, Kyle, Romieo, Sanjay, Afzil, Ronil, Denis, Brandon, Raymond and Shukri. Team President: Mr Shatrochan Lal(Shatru) and team rep: ………. Masters division: Ivor Evans led Nadi Masters topped its pool after beating both of its opponent in the pool round and set comfortable with 6 points waiting for next round. An easy cruise in the quarterfinal against Suva Masters sent them to face much tougher opponent-defending league champion Pro-Rooter Navua. A harsh 1-0 win in the shootout was enough to send defending league champion Navua home, and gain nobility in the final against Naita. Naitasiri Masters won both of its pool game in the shootout to qualify in the QF against branded champion Samabula. It was the lone goal from Striker Marcelo Giuonto that broke the hearts of Samabula team, enough to opt champions out of the tournament. Naitasiri met defending champion Rewa in the semi-final, a game Delta Tigers fought vigorously to defend its title, only to lose at the end with a score of 3-2. Naitasiri met star studded Nadi in the final. Nadi desperate to stamp its first win in the Knockout tournament showed its presence from the very get-go, however, Naitasiri replied back with some hard hits in the Nadi territory. On the 20thmin mark, a deflected pass from striker Mohammed Faizal to striker Kartik Kumar opened up the account for Jetsetters side. A second half goal from Johnny Mudliar just outside the eighteen yard secured the much needed win for the Jetsetters. Nadi won 2-0 against Naitasiri in the masters final. Team Nadi: Izaz Mohammed, ManojSundresan, Mun Reddy, Ivor Evans, Afroz Khan, Ablesh Singh, John Mudliar, Kartik Kumar, Vijay Singh, Ravind Chand, Asuad Ali, Mohammed Faizal, Binesh Singh, Ilshad Ali, Raj Lal, Richard Coach: Raj Lal Manager: Mohammed Faizal Team Naitasiri Masters: AnmanSanju, Hussein Ali, Arbin Karan, Ashwin Kumar, Arvin Kumar, Rodney Lal, Zulfiqar Ali, Kamal Sewak, Rishad Rafi, Dan Ram and Marcelo Giounto President: Rodney Lal TeamCaoch: Rishad Rafi Manager: Umesh Sharma, Deo Narayan and Bobby Kumar.
2013 FSLGV League Season
Vancouver, Canada- Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver (FSLGV) will open its 14th annual Summer Soccer League season this weekend in Surrey BC. Twenty six teams registered with the league will descend on four fields across Surrey, where some of the finest players in the league will showcase barrage of talents when it kicks off on April 21st, and continues all the way into mid-August. Slating one of the busiest Fijian soccer season in decades. 2012 FSLGV Knockout Champion Combine Fc will host Civic Fc in its opening match in the Premier division at the Bear Creek Park in Surrey. Followed by a crucial match between defending League Champion Tanoa Fc and Babasiqa Lions at 11.15am. Tanoa Fc drew its opening game against Flying Arrows in the 2012 season. In the Masters division- 2012 IDC Champion, Men in Black (Ba) will take on neighbouring district Blues Lautoka at 10.00 am in its opening match, followed by the Leagues defending champion Pro-Rooter Navua who stood unbeaten in the 2012 league season, will try quickly shake off their disappointment draw against Samabula Masters in the opening game of the 2012 season when they meet Southern Nasinu at 11.15am at Frank Hurt Secondary School field in Surrey. Frost Road Park in Surrey. Naitasiri Fc will host 2011-2012 League champion Jet set Nadi at 9.30am. Tavua Masters will host 2012 Masters Knockout Champion and league runner-up Delta Tigers Rewa at 1.00pm as a last match of the day in the opening round. Many pre-season exhibition game took place between the teams in the last few weeks and now, final preparations are taking place before Sunday games for the real competition. When all will be said and done. Only one team from each division will be crowned as 2013 FSLGV League champion at the end of the season. FSLGV Acting President Mr Nadraj Nair said; “Soccer is an integral part of our Fijian fabric, so come out and support your teams and the only men’s summer soccer league here in the lower-mainland”. For more info on full season scheduling on other matches, visit website: www.fijiansoccer.com
2012 League Championship- 10th Annual Award Night.
Tanoa Fc and Navua Masters scooped most of the awards at the Fijian Soccer Leagues 10th Annual award night, last Friday (9/14/2012) at the Bear Creek Park Pavilion in Surrey BC in presence of a small soccer enthusiast crowd. They were crowned as league champions for the 2012 season in its respective division. Tanoa Fc- one of the oldest Club in the history of Fijian Soccer, formed in the 70’s, in Vancouver BC, defended its league champion’s title after netting 34 goals and attaining 25 points in 10 games this season. Their elite midfielder Rizal Ganief was crowned as 2012 MVP and Tanoa Fc coach Mr Alvin Prasad was privileged with the best coach in the premier division for the 2012 season. The golden boot award was presented to Mr Sahil Sandhu from Combine FC, he scored total of 10 goals in the season. Navua conquered the Masters category when they walked away with four out of five gleaming awards in their division at the event. The club which was formed in 2005 at the initiative of the ever die-hard administrators of Navua, the patriotic brothers Mr Satendra Ram and Mr Jitendra Ram. Since its inception in 2005 and recent inclusion of some of the reputable players like Mr Parmod Chauhan, Ritesh Mishra, Patrick Junior, Tofiq Khan, Sashi Lal, Frank Ricardi, Neil Adhakar, Ravi Naidu and others, the club has continued to develop into a very mature, disciplined, reputable, competitive and highly respected team in the Fijian Soccer League in Vancouver. In 2006, Navua Masters received the best discipline team award which was later repeated in the year 2011. In 2010 they were placed 3rd overall in the league standing. This year, the club attained the highest point in the master’s league division by 37 points and scoring 52 goals in the season to win the Fijian Soccer League’s 2012 masters league championship. Having a good discipline record with only 7 yellow cards and 0 red card through out the season. They were also awarded with the best discipline club in 2012 season. Navua masters coach and player, Mr Parmod Chauhan displayed an outstanding performance in the season by steering the club towards its immense achievement this year and consequently he was awarded with the best coach of the year trophy in his absence at the event. Furthermore, In the past recent years, the club succeeded at the NAFSA tournament by winning 2011 NAFSA championship and in the preceding year they ended up as a runner-up. Then again this year, they played the Final in Sacramento California. Their highlight for the season was a league championship decider game against Rewa, which drew a gigantic crowd at the Coast Meridian Park in Surrey in which Navua edged Rewa 5-2.Praise goes to the team administrator Mr Jitendra Ram(Jittu) for doing all the run arounds for the club, including attending meetings, washing team uniforms and etc. Team Manager Satendra Ram said, ‘I would like to acknowledge all the players ,officials and the sponsors like Roto Rooter and Pasco Associates for their hard work and support throughout the season and without them, team wouldn’t have reached at this level and we are hoping to continue this relation in the the future’. Golden boot award in the masters category was awarded to Mr Ronald Chaudhry from Rewa Masters for scoring 19 goals in the season while playing as a midfielder for the club. Present at the event was Mr Sim Sumra- President for the USSL association as a chief guest and Mrs Kamilla Singh from Asian Pulse TV as a special guest.
“Fiji all-star at the 33rd Nations Cup tournament”
On July, 20th 21st and 22nd, three teams from Fijian Soccer League in its various divisions entered the 33rd Annual Nations Cups three day tournament at Boyd Park in Richmond BC. Men open, over 38 and 45 were measured as one of the most successive and progressive teams in the history of Fijian Soccer. Fiji open- Was drawn in a tough pool along with South America, Germany and England. Fiji took on South America in its opening game on a gloomy Friday afternoon, players from various Fijian Soccer League clubs were quickly able to adjust themselves with each other to meet the demands of their first game. In its opening match, steady pressure on South American defenders paid off in 15 minutes when a vertical pass from right winger Reyhan Ismail was collected by striker Dalvir Malhi in the 18 yard box, controlled with his chest and then unleashed a blazing shot from the edge of the area as South American goalkeeper stood immobile. Five minutes into the second half, defender Sagar Sami was flashed with a red card for a foul on an opponent player. South Americans replied back with a goal in the 50th minute to make it a equalizer in the opening game. Fiji’s second pool game against England on Saturday was exceptional in front of gigantic crowd at Boyd Oval. Fiji led 1-0 in the first half with a goal from Rylan Sangha however, England staged a comeback in the second half with a equalizer. The game ended up with 1-1 draw. ‘Fiji went down to England in its opening game in 2011 Nations Cup after a free kick was awarded against Fiji just outside the 18yard box, towards the final second’. The hope and dream to qualify for the 33rd Nations Cup semifinal was pinned on this final 3rd pool game for both Fiji and Germany, both teams were hanging by the thread, Fiji needed a win to qualify for semifinal after their previous two draw’s, and Germany needed a tie, standing with four points to succeed for semi final. An early goal opener by striker Javed Khan kept the hope alive, but not for long, when stone wall like sweeper Danny Badesha was given a red card in the second half. Team Captain Javed Khan questioned referees legitimacy for showing red card, but was asked to abscond off the field after he was flashed with a red card, which sent a wave of frustration and disappointment on the Fiji’s sideline. Having two central players missing on the team narrowed any hope to attain semifinal. Meanwhile, Germany forward took advantage of missing key players and produced some dangerous counterattacks. Goalkeeper Chris Singh made some impressive save but having key defense missing in front of him, allowed three goals to German Strikers and denying the Fiji side for being qualify for Semifinal from group 4.Fiji lost 3-1. Team Fiji: Defenders: Danny Badesha( sweeper), Rocket Ismail(Right back), Gurj Sandhu(Centre), Navlesh Mudliar(Left back) Midfielders: Raaqim Amijee( Left), Ivor Evans jr(Centre), Rylan Sangha(Centre), Reyhan Ismail(Right) Strikers: Javid Khan and Vince Naidu Goal Scorers- Against S.America- Dalvir Malhi, Against England-Rylan Sangha, Against Germany- Javed Khan President: Mr Harry Gopal Manager: Mr Joseph Karan Coach: Mr Alvin Prasad Over 38 division-Fiji All star team. Fijian Soccer Leagues over 38 team opened its Nations Cup campaign with a thrashing 5-2 loss to Germany on Saturday morning, a result that left coach Joey Sen ‘scratching’ his head and thinking what to do different in their next game. After the first loss, player’s regrouped together in the afternoon for their next game against India. Both team had an interesting opening match in Group 2- with both leaving room for improvement for their second match, India tied their game opener to China earlier. From the very get go Fiji hard pressed in their territory, and as they progressed they got better. Fiji raced to an early 1-0 lead, courtesy of first half goal from Fijian Soccer utility forward- Sunny Ali, and appeared to have the match at their mercy in the second. Continuous assail by forward Patrick Krishna Jr,Brent Braker, Prem Naicker and having Ronald Chaudhry defending the back line robustly as a sweeper, narrowed any chance for India to equalize or win. Fiji 1- India 0. Their final pool game on Sunday morning was a comfortable win 7-1 demolition to China. This was a match that showed Fiji’s dominance but it also showed their cohesion and fluidity in attack. Brent Braker side footed the opener after good foot work pass by Alamin.Fiji added more goals before the half time and continued its dominance after the restart, calls from the team officials and fans echoed from the sideline to push Fiji side to continue scoring to out score Germany in goal difference, who were playing concurrently in the next field against England. After Fiji scoring abundance of goals against China, with having same goal difference, goal forward and goal against Germany, it didn’t help All-star over 38 team to qualify for 33rd Nations Cup Final, when they were emitted ‘head to head’ with Germany. “It was a great weekend; team jelled in beautifully after the first game. Thanks for everyone’s help, we should start practicing a month earlier with some exhibition games “said Coach Joey Sen. Team Fiji: Afroz Ali(Goalie) Ronald Chaudhry(Sweeper), Prem Naicker(Defender), Sidney Fong and Sashi Singh( Defender), Parmoud Chahuan, Alamin Mohammed( Central Midfielders), Patrick Krishna Jr and Chris Lochan (Outside Midfielders), Brent Braker and Sunny Ali (Forward) .Additional Players- Edwin Ruth(Defender) Tofiq Khan(R/Defender), Kamal Maskint(Midfield), Vineshwar Singh(Defender) Goal Scorer- Against Germany-Brent Braker(1) and Sunny Ali(1), Against India- Sunny Ali(1) and Against China-Brent Braker(2), Sunny Ali(2), Alamin Mohammed(2) and Tofiq Khan(1) President- Mr Harry Gopal Manager- Mr Nadraj Nair and Mr Shiu Ram Coach- Mr Joey Sen. Over 45 Division: A Community in which cardio Vascular disease supposedly be accepted after age 45 (supported by local medical journal). In its same age category- over 45, Fiji all-star team ended its 33rd Nations cup campaign with a remarkable achievement. Only in its 2nd year at the Nations Cup tournament, they were considered as one of best team in the province of British Columbia when they defeated all three teams accumulating the highest points in their group 1, and the first team to qualify for the final. After they beat Serbia 3-1 in their game opener, Fiji took on their toughest opponent not only in their group, but in the entire 45 division with eight teams. A game between Fiji and Scotland resonated their presence at the tournament when they thumped Scotland 3-0 which left Scottish side furious, they started picking on Fijian sides with disparaging comments. After securing six points in their two pool games, Fiji met India in their final pool game at Manoah Park, anticipating undemanding match, but it turned out to be a another sturdy match for Fiji’s side. At the final whistle, Fiji beat India 3-1 after a goal from Bobby Singh and two from Ashik Ismail (Pillars) booked the spot in the final. A clean sheet with all three wins prepared and set Fijian side for much anticipated final against Ireland at Boyd School Park. From the very starting whistle, both team played on a equal footage, It was a game played in two halves as strikers from both sides put goalkeepers on their foot. However, Fiji quickly took control of the game after 10 minutes, a through pass to Striker Peter Petreau gave chance to Fijian side for its first opening goal in the 33rd Nations Cup Final. Once they took the lead through Petero in 14th minute and doubled it with a stunning second from Nicko four minutes from the half time, team Fiji walked into the half time break poised to win the tournament. Second half started with Ireland putting pressure on Fiji’s defense line. Former Ba defender, Naushad Ali Khan playing as a sweeper for Fiji side got trapped after making a run from the back, giving Irish side its first goal. Game continued with Fiji side defending vigorously after 2-1 score. In the 53rd minute Ireland was rewarded with a controversial penalty shot. An act outside the 18 yard box was overlooked by the referee at first hand but was overturned by the assistant referee who believed the defender took out the Ireland striker inside the box which gave them an opportunity to equalize the game at 2-2, which was beyond anyone’s comprehension. The match was forced into the overtime at 10 minutes each half and both sides failed to score after 20 minutes of overtime game. Referee than signaled to the shoot out. Both teams resolute to four penalties, missing one each from both the sides. Nizmul Rehman failed to score on the second shot. It was Fiji’s 5th shot taken by Rasheed Ali, a goal which could give Fijians a lead, but a dominant shot on the far right hand corner smacked inside the cross bar, it appeared as if it came from inside the net, but the goal was disallowed by the referee. Ireland than took the fifth penalty and scored to give their side a 3-2 win. Team Manager Mr Shaukat Ali (Karavi) said,”I was very disappointed with the referees performance, specially when he rewarded Ireland with a controversial penalty impart by the assistant referee, we definitely felt cheated out of a victory in regulation time” Team Fiji- over 45: Alfred Nagur(Goalkeeper), Naushad Ali Khan(Sweeper),Peter Lal(Defender), Shaukat Ali Khan(Defender), Abdul Rashid(Defender),Jo Chetty(Defender/Midfield),RockySingh(Midfield), Ashik Ismail(Midfield),Daniel(Midfield), Anman Sanju(Midfield/Defender), Ivor Evans(Midfield/Defender), Joey Sen (Mid field) Sanju(Midfield/Defender),Bobby Singh(Striker), Peter Petreau(Striker) Mahen Lal and Nicko. Goal Scorer-Against Serbia-Bobby Singh(1), Peter Petreau(1) Daniel(1), Against Scotland-Peter Petreau (2) Daniel (1) Against India- Bobby Singh(1) Ashik Ismail (2) President- Mr Harry Gopal Manager- Shaukat Ali Coach- Bobby Singh
“28th Annual IDC-Great success”

(by Irshad Khan – July 12th, 2012)

The 28th Fijian Soccer Leagues Inter-district Championship (IDC) tournament turned out to be a huge success last weekend (July 7-8) on a bright sunny day. Word of success and achievement was echoed at the conclusion of the tournament. Fourteen team officials representing their individual district of Fiji prepared their teams for months to enter this tournament, from fundraising, team uniforms to player recruiting and registration. Come Saturday morning, tents were set across the park at different locations to blotch their base. Officials were seen unloading their vehicles with food, beverage and team uniforms for the preparation of the day, and by the end of Sunday afternoon many teams with big name players were egress early in the tournament and only one team in each division (Masters and Premier) came out to be the final winner. Nadi thumped Suva 3-2 in the premier final and Ba beat Rewa 1-0 in the Masters final, a game which was observed by hundreds of spectators sitting in the pavilion at the Newton Athletic Park in Surrey. Over three hundred players participated in this two day tournament to compete and display their skills with individual teams. Competition was seen at the peak level amongst the players due to the end of league season where players were seen at the highest fitness level with their tempo and agility . Rylan Sangha from Nadi Premier was considered as the best and most outstanding player of the tournament in his premier division when he was awarded the most prestigious Fijian Soccer League award-Most Valuable player (MVP) award, and in the same division- Javed Khan from Nadi was awarded with Golden Boot trophy having scored 8 goals in the whole tournament. Masters MVP was awarded to Ba’s Kartik Kumar for playing an outstanding role as a solid defense by keeping Rewa’s forward at bay in the final. Three golden boot recipients for masters division were tied at 4 goals each. Sunny Ali and Prem Naicker, both from Rewa with Nadrogas Jason Verma. Hat draw took place in presence of everyone at the presentation and Nadroga Masters Jason Verma was drawn as the recipient of 2012 Masters IDC golden boot trophy. The tournament successfully ended-up with a best discipline record in decade, with only three red cards for minor offences in the whole tournament. FSLGV- President Mr Harry Gopal concluded the tournament by expressing gratitude towards all the team officials,players , spectators and executive board members and acknowledge their contribution towards the league.
“2012 IDC Tournament”

(by Irshad Khan – June 30th, 2012)

The stage has been set for the 28th Annual Interdistrict Soccer Championship (IDC) tournament, at Newton Athletic Park in Surrey from July 7th- 8th.

Sixteen teams will participate in a two day tournament-7 in Masters division and 9 in Premier division and only one team in each division will be crowned as 2012 Champion.

IDC tournament is one of the oldest tournaments in the history of Fijian Soccer. Only five teams (Suva, Rewa, Ba, Levuka and Lautoka) initially participated in the first IDC tournament which was held in Suva in 1938. Today almost every City and Town in Fiji participate and compete in this tournament.

The aspiration to continue this historical tournament in this country (Canada) was pioneered by our ancestors in the 80’s.The first tournament was held in Richmond in 1984 in which Rewa beat Suva 1-0 in the final.

Today, more than 16 teams participate and compete annually to battle for the Championship.

Nadi has a proven and consistent track record of winning the local IDC Cup (2007 ,2008, 2009 and 2011) in the last few years under the leadership of Mr. Omar Khan and Coach Mr.Ivor Evans.

This year, every team looks to be equally dominant. Players that have just completed Fijian Soccer League games with their respective clubs will be descending at the Newton Athletic Park with all their cylinders firing up. How ever, Array Security Ba team official Mr Vinesh Lal is very confident with his side and said,”If all my players show up on the weekend, you bet Array Security Ba will be celebrating the 2012 IDC Championship on Sunday afternoon with Savusavu Kava”.

The organizing committee of Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver has assured to deliver a great weekend of soccer with lots of sitting area in a family style atmosphere.

“Navua’s vengeance over Rewa”

(by Irshad Khan – June 25th, 2012)

Any ‘slim hope’ for Rewa to win 2012 Fijian Soccer League Masters division ‘League Championship’ came to an end on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Coast Meridian Park in Surrey BC, in presence of huge spectators, when Navua hammered 5 goals to 1 in Rewa’s net.

Navua, after going down to Delta Tigers in the 2012 Knockout Championship last month, made a promising comeback with more preparation and vengeance to win.

From the starting whistle, Delta Tigers moved the ball swiftly around Navua’s midfeld and defence, penetrating Navua’s defence line, and at times it looked as if a goal was due any second for Rewa. However, the dream of winning 2012 League Championship for Rewa, was shattered in the 26th minute when Navua’s Striker and ‘2012 Knockout Golden Boot Winner’ Ritesh Mishra opened up the account for Navua’s side when he picked up a through pass from Frank Ricardo and only to neatly place the ball in the net.

Navua refused to settle with one goal up- in the 38th minute, salient striker Patrick Mohammed JR made a dazzling run on the right flank,only to beat defender Mofeed by inches to put Navua up by two goals just before the half time.

Rewa hit back in 54th minute when striker Iqbal Khan took a powerful shot outside 18 yard box to give Rewans hope for equalizer. Striker Ritesh Mishra made another stunning left footed goal inside an 18 yard box for Navua’s side in the 70th minute,neatly placing the ball in the far left corner, out of reach from Rewa’s goalkeeper Afroz Ali.

Patrick Junior made the 4th goal for Navua’s side in the 78th minute, and as the team prepared for an early celebration, former Tanoa Fc Striker Neil Adhakar picked up a rebound ball from Rewa’s goalkeeper and shook the net for the 5th time. Giving victory to Navua, 5-1 over Delta Strikers.

Former Navua resident Mr Saten Ram, who walked in his Late fathers footsteps Mr Janak Ram, thanked all the Navua fans living in Vancouver and around the globe for their overwhelming support and praised his players. Especially; Striker Ritesh Mishra, former Tilak High School kid Tofiq Khan who kept Rewa’s midfielders at bay and outstanding goalkeeper Shameel Ali who made some daring saves for his side.
Rewa’s player and coach, Mr Ronald Chaudhry said, “We got desperate for equalizer after the first goal, leaving our defence open for Navua’s strikers to take full advantage of it as four of their goals were scored one on one basis, when a player have one on one situation, than question rise where is the defence? Back to drawing board”.


(by Irshad Khan – May 29th, 2012)

Rewa lived up to their slogan “TABU SORO” which means no surrender by winning the Masters division of 2012 tournament hosted by Fijian Soccer League of Vancouver. The Delta Tiger team was laced with former Fiji National representatives Ivor Evans, Don Shaheem and Ronald Chaudhary. The three have represented Fiji on numerous occasions and were ably supported by former Nadi striker Iqbal Khan in front.

Rewas game plan had Ivor sweeping at the back with Don and Chaudhary controlling the midfield and leaving Iqbal in front which was paying dividend to the team as they regrouped after going down to Nadi in their first pool match 0-1. The team won their second match by defeating Lautoka 3-0 and than Ba 2-0 in the quarter final. Semi final Rewa punished Tavua 3-0.

Final match against Navua was a much anticipated match that lots of fans were waiting eager to witness. The match started with both teams being cautious not to make any error till in ten minutes of the first half when Navua keeper gave away possession to Rewa’s Sashi Lal who made no mistake by placing the ball beyond the reach of Navua keeper Neville. Navua tried to come back in the game but could not capitalize. Rewa keeper Afroz Khan made some daring saves and so did the defence of Ivor, Sanjeev, Fareed and “stone wall” Mofeed who all played really well in keeping Navua at bay.

Rewa had chances to increase the lead when Iqbal Khan had only Navua keeper to beat but he intended to pass to his fellow striker who missed it. Five minutes from full time Rewa midfielder Ronald Chaudhary worked his way up to pass the ball to Iqbal who neatly placed the ball in the net.
For Rewa Ivor, was always cool as a cucumber in defense showing his experience. The former 86ers presence made lots of difference, guiding his outer defense of Fareed Raza and Sanjeev well.Central defense, Mofeed “Stone Wall” played his best game in the final cutting out all Navua attacks time and again.

Keeper Afroz Ali played a grand match in the final as well.Midfielders Don and Chaudhary worked tirelessly showing experience and skills that had Navua cover for defense as they combined well among each other. Iqbal Khan hammered the final nail in the coffin to give Rewa a much deserved victory after a lapse of twenty eight years.

Rewa is still undefeated in the league and is eyeing to take the league title as well. This is the first time that former Fiji Nationals Ivor, Don and Chaudhary have joined together to play for Rewa in Vancouver along with former Nadi striker Iqbal Khan.

The team also had the service another Ex Fiji National, Mohammed Yusuf “Mama” but knee injury has forced the lanky defender to take a break after appearing in a league match.

Rewa officials brothersVijay,Mukesh, Michael and Johnny Nandan were lost for words after the final whistle.The brothers were very happy with the win.