Red Card and suspension:

1- Desmond Krishan– Suspended until 2022.

6- Birendra Nair–Civic 45- 3 game suspension. $200.00 fine

7- Alfaz Ali–Rewa- Suspended until Aug 12th- $25.00 fine

8- John Nandan- Rewa-Suspended until Aug 12- $25.00 fine

11- Desmond Kumar-Nadi- Suspended until Aug 12th. $25.00 fine

12- Ivor Evans-Viti Club-3 league games suspended

13- Jitendra Singh- Viti- 3 league games suspended

Yellow Cards: Week Ending June 9th.

Red Card - Sending Off Offences

Cards Name Team # of Game(s) Offence Date Suspension End Date Cleared to play

Please note that the number of games has to be served in all instances. The dates are for reference only and it can change.

Yellow Card - Cautionable Offences

Cards Name Team
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